Analogue mass flow meter for artificial respiration

Sensirion is launching the SFM3100 analogue mass flow meter for applications in medical respiration and anesthesia. The new sensor has an impressively small design and delivers high accuracy and fast response times.

Sensirion sensor solutions have been used in artificial respiration and anesthesia for many years and provide maximum precision and reliability. With the new SFM3100, Sensirion is offering a mass flow meter that fulfills varying respiration requirements in emergency care, intensive care medicine and home care even better than before.

It is suitable for inspiration applications as well as for mixing oxygen and air to a very precise degree. It has already proven its suitability in several devices on the market.

The SFM3100 measures with great accuracy and speed. It has a compact design and can be easily integrated into existing devices. There is a temperature sensor in the gas channel of the flow meter. This enables highly precise temperature compensation and obviates the need to integrate a dedicated temperature sensor. Moreover, the SFM3100 returns an analogue output signal and measures the flow rates of air and other non-aggressive gases between -24 and +240 slm. It can also detect negative flow ranges, thereby recognising errors or impeded flows in a reliable manner. At the same time, multiple gases are compensated with great precision.

The flow rates and signal characteristics of the sensor can be customised to meet customer-specific requirements. The fully calibrated and temperature-compensated mass flow meter also boasts an extremely low pressure drop and is free of zero-point drift.

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