Liquid food products: premium possibilities through packaging

1st April 2013

The liquid food industry is characterised by an increasing focus on product differentiation, achieved through new packaging materials and design, increased shelf life, consumer convenience and new products. An increased rate of innovation and introduction of new packaging systems are essential for survival in the future.

The consumer expects a food package to satisfy the basic requirements of containment and protection. Deterioration processes during storage related to product specific characteristics and environmental conditions such as temperature are inevitable. Consequently, the need to understand both the product and all of the factors that will affect the product during packaging and distribution is of increasing importance. The package is also important in communicating the quality to the consumers, and demands for convenience is increasing. New shapes and materials, opening mechanisms and print technology are constantly introduced, and it is imperative for the packaging industry to understand these demands for the future packaging systems.

Elopak supplies packaging systems to some of the most recognised dairies and fruit juice companies in the world, and food quality and safety are the keystones in the development of all our new products. A high quality product deserves and needs the best possible protection during the entire supply chain from filling to consumption. All of its new products undergo rigorous testing to ensure compatibility with the most sensitive products, and the overall aim is to meet requirements of both increased quality demanded by consumers, and demands from the retail sector for increased shelf life. Its aim is to provide the liquid food industry with more premium possibilities for packaging and distribution of high quality liquid foods.

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