Vitamin D testing: maintaining strong bones and muscles

Most people are aware of the essential role Vitamin D plays in maintaining strong bones and muscles however many people are shocked to learn of the link between Vitamin D deficiency and serious health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, auto-immune disorders and cardiovascular disease. In light of this and recent research indicating approximately half of the world’s population are Vitamin D deficient it’s not surprising the demand for Vitamin D testing is so high.  

As the demand for Vitamin D testing increases so does the demand for accurate and reliable test results.  

The Randox Acusera immunoassay premium plus control is designed to monitor the accuracy and precision of up to 54 analytes including 25-OH Vitamin D and 1-25(OH)2 Vitamin D.  

In addition to this instrument specific target values are provided for a wide range of fertility hormones, thyroid hormones, steroid hormones, kidney function tests, therapeutic drugs and tumour markers. The inclusion of routinely run tumour markers and parameters such as intact PTH allows you to simplify your quality control practices by dramatically reducing the number of controls used in your laboratory with the added benefit of cost and time savings.

Three levels of control are available covering the complete clinical range.  In the level 1 control Ferritin, vitamin B12 and TSH are present at clinically significant levels further eliminating the need to purchase additional and often expensive low level controls.

With a shelf life of up to four years from the date of manufacture; our immunoassay premium plus control is suitable for long term QC monitoring and can significantly reduce the costs and problems associated with changing lot numbers.  

Like all our immunoassay controls, our immunoassay premium plus control is manufactured from 100% human materials meaning it won’t interfere with antibody based tests or cause problems when changing batch of reagent.   

As a true supplier of third party controls Randox products provide an unbiased, independent assessment of performance.  Our unique value assignment process employs over 20,000 independent laboratories worldwide making our controls the most accurately assigned on the market.  With 30 years experience in quality control; excellent choice, stability and most importantly performance is guaranteed.

Vitamin D can also be found in our RIQAS Immunoassay EQA programme. RIQAS (Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme) is the world’s largest global EQA scheme with more than 20,000 participants in over 100 countries worldwide.  Our extensive immunoassay programme contains 54 analytes in total including Vitamin D however participants can choose to monitor a reduced number of analytes.  Like our immunoassay controls all samples are 100 per cent human in origin meaning they won’t interfere with antibody based tests.  

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