Moisture consistency is key in food quality control

The food industry relies on consistent measurements of moisture in its products to keep a handle on quality control. If there is a variation in moisture, there is a variation in quality and performance of the manufacturer’s product.
Adam Equipment’s PMB Moisture Balance offers the right features to provide the required consistency in measurement for companies in the food, water treatment, plastics and paper industries (to name a few).
To measure the amount of moisture in a food sample, the sample is heated and dried, measuring the loss of weight and the loss of moisture. The more moisture in a food product, the more quickly it can degrade, causing product loss and cost increases for the manufacturer.
Adam Equipment’s PMB Moisture Analyzer features a one-of-a-kind USB port to help record and monitor moisture loss. Simply insert a memory stick in the USB port and it records the moisture levels during measurement.
Other features include a single halogen heat lamp with four different heating settings, a large backlit LCD display and an RS-232 interface. These easy-to-use balances can display parameter settings in English, French, Spanish or German and enable lab testing at the production level, allowing for a more consistent product.
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