Real-time, label-free measurement of biomolecular interactions

1st April 2013

SAW Instruments GmbH has announced the launch of the sam5 GREEN acoustic biosensor, and the availability of its family of sam5 acoustic biosensors in the US market. Founded on SAW’s proprietary Surface Acoustic Wave technology, sam5 offers precise, real-time, label-free measurement of biomolecular interactions. Building on the success of the existing sam5 BLUE, which is designed for flexibility in method and applications development, the new sam5 GREEN is purpose-built for industry customers with more routine applications, providing increased convenience and consistency.  The sam5 GREEN uses proprietary, pre-coated, disposable sensor chips, available in a range of surface chemistries, to give a greater level of reproducibility and batch control for customers performing routine analyses.
SAW technology has aroused a great deal of interest as it is a highly cost-effective technology and can address applications ranging from measuring binding to whole cells, through to working with small molecules and fragment libraries.

Surface Acoustic Wave technology is based on the ability of a wave of energy to travel across the surface of a material. Each surface has a typical inherent elasticity affecting the way the energy of the wave dissipates as it travels across the surface of the material being analysed. Thus, the nature of the surface in question, and therefore any changes to it, can be assessed by sensors monitoring the behaviour of the wave as it propagates across the surface.

In particular, changes in mass result in alterations to the phase of the wave, whilst viscoelastic and conformational characteristics influence wave amplitude. The technology developed and employed by SAW instruments is capable of accurately interpreting this information in order to provide real time readouts measuring binding and conformational changes in the samples through which the wave passes.

“Customers have viewed sam5 as being a highly complementary and additive technology to SPR,” commented Dr Ian Taylor, Sales and Marketing, SAW Instruments. “We are now working with customers to deliver a range of sam5 instruments tailored for use in different applications and laboratory settings. With the pre-coated, disposable nature and built-in user tracking of our sensor chips, and advanced monitoring of the fluidic cell lifetime, the new sam5 GREEN system will particularly benefit our industrial customers.”

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