High Quality Quartz Reaction Tubes

Manufactured from only high quality low hydroxyl materials - Quartz reaction tubes from Exeter Analytical enable laboratories to achieve consistent low level blanks thereby improving the precision and accuracy of your CHN microanalysis results.

Long experience in fine-tuning its automated production methodology allows Exeter Analytical to offer top quality low-hydroxyl quartz reaction tubes for most makes of CHN micro analyser at competitive prices.

Commitment to supporting customers means the majority of items from Exeter's comprehensive CHN/O/S consumables and supplies catalogues can be supplied within 24 hours from stock.

As a company dedicated to elemental microanalysis, Exeter Analytical's 25 years of involvement with instruments, consumables and supplies has allowed them to better understand the whole problem facing microanalysts.  As a consequence whether you are a regular or an occasional purchaser, experienced and knowledgeable staff is always available to provide technical advice. 

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