Hi-res desktop imaging tool

Phenom is a high resolution desktop imaging tool with an optical camera for never-lost navigation and a high quality electron microscope for detailed imaging. Its innovative user interface and intuitive touch screen control produce superb quality images with minimal operator training. It can handle a wide range of samples with minimal preparation. Samples are loaded instantly with Phenom's patented vacuum technology. Images are saved on a USB memory stick for off-line analysis, measurements and distribution

FEI Phenom Tech Articles:

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* Closing the Imaging Gap Between Optical and Electron Microscopy
* Developments in Scanning Electron Microscopy for Tablet and Granule Characterization
* Fiber Classification With The Phenom (.pdf)
* Phenom Imaging By Backscattered Electron Detection (.pdf)
* World's Smallest Electron Microscope (for Less than a Bimmer!)
* Phenom Use for Pharmaceutical Inspection (.pdf)

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