Lab equipment: Leakage-Current Measurement for Safety Checks

The HIOKI 3156 leakage-current measuring device available from ASM GmbH automatically measures the leakage current of medical devices with electrical or electronic fittings in accordance with IEC, UL, and JIS standards. Measurements conforming to the IEC 60990 industrial standard and IEC 60601-1 medical standard are possible.

Insulation errors in electrical fittings can lead to life-threatening circumstances, which is why safety checks are an integral part of the various national regulations. In medical technology specifically, various simulation models (networks) have been developed to recreate the impedance of a human body.

All common test networks and test procedures are integrated into the HIOKI 3156. The desktop instrument is able to measure earth leakage current, housing leakage current, patient leakage current I, II, and III, and patient assistance current. Resolution of the measured current can be as fine as 0.01 µA for DC, AC, and DC plus AC.

The mains supply to the HIOKI 3156 is designed to be separate from the supply to the test device, thus preventing supply errors. In addition to a supply voltage of 110% UN, the device features the ability to accommodate a change in the polarity of the output line. Accidental activation of the supply voltage for the model undergoing testing is prevented by a mechanically bolted safety valve. RS-232-C and GP-IB interfaces are available as standard, as is storage for 30 test-condition-setting and 100 test-result data sets.

Target groups for this measuring device from ASM are manufacturers of equipment with integrated electrical parts or electronics; manufacturers of medical devices; hospitals; clinics; and doctors’ practises that have technical equipment, as well as medical equipment sales organisations.


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