Overlord2 SocketSet

Overlord2 SocketSet - enables you to access a huge range of instruments from your existing laboratory automation application.

Overlord2 SocketSet enables you to use your existing scheduling software with any instruments in the extensive Overlord2 library.

Why pay for the development of new drivers/adapters - when SocketSet will give you access to the library of 300+ drivers currently available?

Overlord2 SocketSet provides a method for accessing the extensive Overlord2 driver library.

There are drivers for all common instruments used in laboratory automation including: robots, plate readers, incubators, storage systems, heaters, shakers and liquid dispensers.

The simple configuration of Overlord2 SocketSet allows calls form third party software packages eg POLARA, EVOware, SAMI etc.

For example, to open the drawer of a Molecular Devices plate reader:

Load the Molecular devices plate reader driver into Overlord2 SocketSet. Drag the Molecular devices icon into the procedure. From the edit screen, select the 'open plate reader drawer' option.

Close the edit box and save the procedure as MDOpenDrawer.ovp.

To run this from your application (POLARA, EVOware, SAMI etc), just launch Overlord2 at the required point with MDOpenDrawer.ovp and the plate reader drawer will open. It's so easy!

We would be pleased to give you a temporary licence to 'try before you buy'. Once activated, you will have access to the full driver library and thirty days to see how Overlord2 SocketSet will enable you to achieve instrument control.

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