Hydrocarbon in Water Analyser

The ability to analytically quantify highly reactive volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in water is greatly enhanced with the Sample Transfer Stripper (Patented Membrane Technology) and the solid state sensor offered by Analytical mSystems International (ASI). The analyser system utilises many patented and exclusive features only available from ASI.

The principle of operation requires a consistent free flowing liquid sample into a Sample Transfer Stripper unit that separates the liquids from the VOCs. A hydrocarbon free, consistently flowing air carrier then sweeps the VOCs in a gaseous form into the solid state sensor for quantitative analysis in ppb w, ppm w, or up to saturation levels. An optional patented liquid validation/calibration by Perm Tube is available. This unattended on-line analysis is economically superior to inaccurate laboratory analysers where unstable grab samples result in VOCs deterioration that produce analytical errors. Downtime is reduced to less than 10% of the El Paso, TOC or Sparger methods and the economic pay out is increased because of reduced product loss. In one case, 12,000 pounds of product loss per day was quickly identified by this proven and accurate on-line analytical method.

TCEQ letters have designated the Model 204 as "Best Available Control Technologyî"and "Equivalency" for continuous monitoring of cooling tower applications.

Applications include analysis of VOCs and oil in water for cooling towers, heat exchangers, holding ponds, run off water, and waste water.

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