Easy, reliable removal of cell culture supernatant

Centre for Biomedicine & Medical Technology Mannheim (CBTM) has installed 50 VACUSAFE comfort units to provide easy, reliable and safe aspiration of biological samples. With a focus upon Vascular Biology, Molecular Oncology, Neurobiology and Medical Technology the research groups of the CBTM are committed to pursuing cutting-edge biomedical research at the highest international level. The CBTM's recently completed laboratories in Germany currently employ around 250 researchers.

Ms. Traut, a CBTM researcher who regularly uses the VACUSAFE comfort for aspiration of cell culture supernatants commented 'Our laboratory is very happy with the unit - it is extremely simple to operate - just switch on and start working. Unlike homemade vacuum systems we have used before, that comprise components from different suppliers, we have benefited from the reliability of the all-in-one INTEGRA Biosciences design.
The VACUSAFE comfort makes aspiration of biological liquids very safe, user-friendly and flexible. The compact, all-in-one vacuum system incorporates low-noise pump, shatterproof collection bottle and hand operator. VACUSAFE comfort is the laboratory vacuum of choice for a growing range of life science applications where gentle and controlled removal of supernatants is required. Such applications include the removal of supernatant liquids from cell cultures, DNA extractions, centrifuged magnetic beads, immunoprecipitated proteins and from ELISA reactions.

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