21st century steam quality testing

14th March 2019

Carltex has introduced the Steam Quality Testing SQ1E NCG Unit from KSA, an automatically controlled air-cooled condenser with backlit displays that greatly reduce set-up and testing times.

Designed exclusively for the pharma, biotech & healthcare Industries, the SQ1E dramatically reduces set-up and testing times for non-condensable gases (NCG).

The SQ1E features:

  • Air cooling, which­ eliminates the hassle of using cooling water
  • Integral burette with push-button zeroing, which­ makes it easier to start test and control testing
  • Condensate flow pause button, which­ means no more loss of condensate when re-zeroing the burette
  • Back-lighting for burette and measuring beaker, meaning clear visual indication of condensate level
  • A carrying handle makes it highly ­portable

The SQ1-E Test Kit features the SQ1E NCG Condenser Unit, clean design and tri-clamp connections - for repeatable, compliant and assured test results. 






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