CD4 monitoring package

Guava Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of cost-effective and accessible cell-analysis systems for life science research, drug discovery, development and clinical diagnostics, has announced a complete turnkey package for CD4 monitoring that requires minimum technical expertise to operate and obtain high quality results.

Comprising an optimised, integrated package of reagents, software and instrumentation the Guava® Auto CD4/CD4% System was designed to provide developing countries with a simple, easy-to-use tool to help fight the global AIDS pandemic. By providing values for both CD4 and CD4% of total lymphocytes, the assay is applicable to both adult and paediatric samples.

The Guava® Auto CD4/CD4% Assay with an easy-to-use reagent kit provides CD4 Counts, Total Lymphocyte Counts, and CD4% values in 1 simple assay. The new assay employs a premade cocktail, and only 10 µL of whole blood in a simple 2-step, no wash protocol that requires minimal technical expertise to perform efficiently and accurately - saving users both time and money.

The automated adjust settings, acquisition and gating features in the new Guava® Auto CD4/CD4% Software Module speed reproducible generation of high quality test results. Combining these automated features with easy-to-read result screens, individual patient reports, summary reports and automated error detection facilitate productive use of the system. Testing on normal and HIV adult and paediatric samples using the Auto CD4/CD4% Assay provided accurate test results when compared to traditional clinical lab results. Excellent precision (CV <10%) was also obtained across multiple CD4% and CD4 count ranges.

Mat Taylor, European Marketing Manager commented "The combination of a new reagent cocktail with automated software should extend the use of the Auto CD4/CD4% Assay to users with minimal or no cytometry experience." He added "the Auto CD4/CD4% System is based on Guava's proprietary micro-capillary cytometry technology. This enabling technology provides our customers with reliable and robust measurements using smaller sample volumes than any other system on the market. Moreover, as micro-capillary cytometry technology does not require the use of sheath fluid, daily maintenance of the system is minimal".

Guava Technologies, Inc., a privately held biotechnology company, is the leading provider of on-demand, easy-to-use single cell analysis systems. Guava® Systems, including the Guava® Personal Cell Analysis (PCA), Guava Auto CD4/CD4%, Guava® PCA-96 and Guava EasyCyteTM Systems, are integrated, fully optimised, microcapillary cytometry systems with embedded absolute cell counting capability. Used worldwide by the life sciences, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as clinical testing institutions (outside the United States and Europe), products from Guava Technologies have broad applications in scientific research and throughout the drug discovery and lead optimisation process, as well as for cell counting and optimisation of commercial biopharmaceutical production. Guava Technologies offers a variety of assays and dedicated software modules for the Guava® Systems, enhancing the system's overall ease-of-use.

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