Eppendorf Concentrator plus

Featuring a new LCD display and user-friendly control panel, the Eppendorf Concentrator plus is designed for concentration, drying and purification of biomolecules. With three concentrator modes as well as centrifuge and integrated dessicator functions, the Concentrator plus provides valuable versatility for molecular and cell biology labs.

Pre-selection of one of four different heating levels allows optimised drying times for different samples, while three application modes - for aqueous, alcohol or high vapour pressure solvents - provide faster evaporation, reducing processing time by up to 20 per cent.

The dessicator function can be used for fast evaporation of filters with optimised vapour pressure conditions and the 1,400 rpm centrifugation function is ideal for spinning down droplets after re-suspension. Eppendorf supplies 14 different compatible rotors, ranging from 0.2 ml PCR tubes to 25 ml tubes, and increased throughput is possible using two stacked rotors.

According to Peter Schreiner, Product Manager Multipurpose Centrifuges, Eppendorf AG, Hamburg, ‘Handling samples up to 240 ml, the new Concentrator plus offers a compelling alternative to concentration by freeze drying, rotary evaporation, precipitation or evaporation by nitrogene stream. Target applications are those requiring fast, gentle concentration of DNA, RNA, oligonucleotides and proteins, including small volume and temperature-sensitive samples.'

The Eppendorf Concentrator plus is available in a choice of two configurations: the basic device or a complete system with integrated service-free diaphragm pump, vapour condenser and optional junction to connect an external device such as a gel dryer. The compact design saves on bench space and clear allocation between soft keys and the digital display ensures easy, intuitive use.

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