Clean belts eliminate risk

The future is now: risk-based inspection systems are the industry norm for ensuring sanitation. The guiding principle is to catch problems before they appear in food production.

The starting point for any food safety assessment is to identify potential hazards using the precepts of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. When applied to conveyors, HACCP indicates that choosing the right belt for the application will result in more effective sanitation and elimination of contamination risk.

Intralox SeamFree modular plastic belting is designed for efficient cleaning. The hinges on the SeamFree belts open as they move around the sprocket, allowing for greater cleaning access to the belt interior.

The sprocket area of a conveyor is often the most difficult to clean. If this area is not properly designed, the wearstrip ends, belt interior, and conveyor frame can be inaccessible for cleaning.

Intralox designed the patented Angled EZ Clean Sprocket to meet this challenge.

Intralox, LLC is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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