Market bouncing back faster than expected

1st April 2013

This has just been revised in the McIlvaine online Cleanrooms: World Markets upward to $10.7bn. This still represents a growth rate of just 6percent annually for the period since 2000. This is below the historic double digit annual increase experienced by the industry from 1960 to 2000.

Biotechnology has moved from the laboratory to the large manufacturing facility. Aseptic processing must not only be incorporated during the final finish fill steps but is also necessary at various points in bulk biological active ingredient manufacturing. These bulk manufacturing facilities are frequently as large as 200000ft2 with cleanroom investments of $50m or more. The biotechnology sub segment is driving high growth in the pharmaceutical/biotech cleanroom segment.

There is significant growth potential in the hospital sector due to SARS, bioterrorism, and other homeland security issues.

China will experience the highest rate of growth. Cleanroom hardware sales will grow by 12percent per year over the next three years compared with a 10percent growth
in consumables. Semiconductors and pharmaceuticals are the cleanroom growth engines. The SARS problem has accelerated growth of the domestic pharmaceutical industry.

Sales of cleanroom consumables will exceed $5bn worldwide in 2006. Glove sales will comprise 20percent of the total followed by disposable clothing, reusable clothing and wipes and swabs. Special laundries are needed for processing reusable clothing. This alone will generate $1bn in 2006.

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