New electronic micropipettes with easy mode selection

1st April 2013

New microprocessor-controlled pipettes from Socorex include four Acura electro micro-models, two macropipettes and six instruments with 8-and12-channel.

The intuitive control software and few buttons on keyboard allow the easy selection of five working modes. For routine and research works or long sample preparation series, forward pipetting mode is most adequate.

When pipetting small volumes, foaming or viscous liquids such as enzymes, reverse mode is then recommended to enhance performance. Stepper mode is the best choice for fast serial dispensing and screening tests. Just select size and number of aliquots and go. If an application requires diluting samples and reagents, dilution mode permits to aspirate up to three different liquids, each separated by an air bubble in the tip and, to deliver them in one shot. Mixing mode can be activated after any pipetting step, to homogenise samples through repeat back and forth aspiration of the liquid for as long as required.

Each Acura electro conforms to CE safety guidelines, to ENISO8655/DIN12650 and other international standard requirements.

Socorex ISBA S A is based in Ecublens, Switzerland.





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