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Automated imaging and analysis

Prior Scientific announces exhibits at two major microscopy shows

The secret life of your brain

Exhibition gives visitors an insight into some current understandings from the rapidly developing field of neuroscience

Accelerating sample preparation for determination of water toxins

Preparation method helps simplify and accelerate the detection and quantitation of algal toxins in surface water

Quick routine pipette check

Protocol checks pipette functionality and provides a solid indication of its actual performance

Storage of fresh frozen tissue samples

Provides a fully traceable storage solution for fresh frozen tissue samples with a size of 0.5cm3 to 1.0cm3

Monitoring HbA1c in diabetes patients

European Reference Laboratory for Glycohemoglobin study reaffirms EKF’s Quo-Test meets HbA1c performance criteria

Simple climate change contribution measure ‘remains elusive’

The search for a single and simple measure for each country’s contribution to global warming is unlikely to succeed, new research has warned

Intuitive operating concept for Raman imaging

Advanced functionality, accelerated workflow and enhanced hardware control

Automation to nurse issues in the US healthcare sector

Automation is beginning to take over the healthcare industry, as it struggles with a considerable shortage of nurses to cater to a high demand market - with expectations of a shortage of approx. 260,000 nurses by 2025

Toxic chemicals

Deepest parts of the world's oceans are not safe from toxic pollution

Cell line models and media for difficult to culture tumour types

Directly derived from patient tumours without any genetic manipulation, these new products provide the assurance of primary cells with long-term reproducibility and scalability

Making cancer treatment more precise

Carbon ion therapy is a cutting-edge alternative to conventional radiotherapy

Low cell ChIP - a process capable of using as little as 1,000 cells

Usually large cell numbers are required for performing ChIP, which poses something of a challenge when dealing with limited starting material

Quest to settle riddle over Einstein’s theory may soon be over

Experiments with advanced technology could soon test an idea developed by Albert Einstein almost exactly a century ago, and settle a longstanding puzzle over what is driving the accelerated expansion of the universe

Bluebells may fail to flourish as warmer days speed start of spring

Bluebells and some other spring flowers appear to be slipping out of sync with spring, as changes in seasonal temperatures alter the optimum time for them to come into leaf or flower, a new study has found

World's first app to be approved for contraception

Natural Cycles fertility tracking app uses a smart algorithm to help women pinpoint their fertility

Blood gas analyser

Novel patient dedicated analyser now delivers bedside blood gas and glucose analysis

Neuroscience research

Cellular models are key tools that open the door to numerous neuroscience applications including neurodegeneration, neurogensis and developmental diseases

Batteries for use in critical medical devices

The new smart battery, aimed predominately at the medical sector, delivers a higher performance than traditional sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries and is much more lightweight

Specialist urges hospitals to invest in handling equipment

In light of the widely acknowledged pressures on the NHS, electric tug specialist MasterMover is calling for hospital procurement officers to invest in its SmartMover range of healthcare tugs



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