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Expanding applications for stability chambers

Stability chambers are also used to test packaged food in sealed bags for moisture permeability

Micro bioreactor with cell culture analyser

Unique system offers collection of massive quantities of cell culture data

Sterile plastic bags greatly benefit microbiological food testing

Inlabtec Serial Diluter users are routinely able to obtain perfect dilutions leading to improved accuracy and precision of their testing results

Cancer relapse linked to body’s own immune system

Immunotherapy could get body’s response back on track; early data suggests existing immunotherapies could prevent relapse

Parasite study paves way for therapies to tackle deadly infections

New understanding of a parasite that causes a million cases of disease each year could point towards effective drug treatments

CE Marking for world’s only integrated HIV self-test

Test will be available commercially during 2018 via retail, e-commerce and public health channels

Insight into our 50-plus lifespan still evolving, genetic study shows

The scientific reasons why people live beyond the age of 50 are more complex than thought, according to a new genetic study

Quantifying very toxic and carcinogenic mycotoxins

ToxiTrace erforms highly complex food safety tests

Comparing fluorescent tags and nanoparticles

Prior Scientific’s H117 motorised precision stage was used in a study comparing the characteristics

‘Lifelike’ 3D printed spine to help train spinal surgeons

Created using powder printing technology to help achieve a lifelike porosity of real bone

Primer pair reagents for streptococcus

Offerings join DiaSorin’s menu of more than 60 molecular reagents for bacterial, viral and fungal targets

Filter housings for API manufacturing

Highly corrosive chemicals such are often used in API manufacturing placing great demands on filter media and filter housings

Tiny poisonous Brazilian frogs are ‘deaf’ to their own call

Toadlets are insensitive to the sound of their own calls, producing sounds outside their hearing sensitivity range

Polymer kit enables IHC staining of two target antigens in one protocol

Kit delivers all the advantages of polymer stains including low background staining

Study splits incurable childhood brain tumours into 10 new diseases

Many types have mutations that could be targeted by existing drugs

24-in medical-grade displays

Viewing angles ensures multiple physicians can view images simultaneously

Automated plate handler

S-LAB is a compact, and affordable single instrument loading solution, with the same reliability as a robotic arm

Ensuring waterborne pathogens are accurately and reproducibly identified

Chromogenic ID media software module for ISO 9308-1 compliant plates

Canine carrier screening

Rainin TerraRacks help screening service put the focus on canine genetics

New injection moulding services

Proto Labs announces additional injection moulding capabilities



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