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Eco-friendly cooling

Eco-friendly cooling with OLÉ Chillers

Enhanced software package

Enhanced software now features active focus stabilisation

Shutting out compliance risk

Teknomek shuts out compliance risk with stainless steel door closer

Enabling high contrast spectroscopy

Precision etalons enable high contrast spectroscopy

Biotech firm completes Series A funding

NorthSea Therapeutics announces completion of Series A funding

Biotech firm completes Series A funding

NorthSea Therapeutics announces completion of Series A funding

New confocal microscope

Get reliable data quickly with Olympus’ LEXT OLS5000

Microbiology lab modernisation project

Technidata participates in the microbiology lab modernisation of the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital

Collaboration to develop technologies for epigenetic analysis

UK/Chinese collaboration to develop innovative technologies for epigenetic analysis

New solution for automating plate management

Genedata and Titian collaborate to deliver seamless flow from sample inventory to data analysis

High-performance SWIR camera

Versatile camera for scientific applications

Micro-coolers for CERN particle detectors

Leti develops world’s first micro-coolers for CERN particle detectors

Report hails Œ'golden period' for life science companies

The total amount invested in life science companies formed during the 5 year period 2012-2016 was £780M

Advances in recirculating chillers

Markus Schlegel offers guidance on determining the right scale for recirculating chillers

Critical cleaning choices

Judy Shapiro reveals how to unlock the superior power of liquid concentrates

Small yet mighty

A small footprint enables the latest spectrophotometers to deliver impressive ease of use and functionality

Regulatory compliance and LIMS

Dr Simon Wood examines how LIMS can support the 10 principles of Good Manufacturing Practice

Research forum on regenerative medicine

Second Sartorius Research Xchange Forum focuses on regenerative medicine and cell therapy

Medical technology firm awarded €1.2 million funding

Polyganics awarded funding to complete clinical development of dura sealant patch

Scientists gather at materials event

Innovation in Materials for Extreme Environments conference welcomes delegates from across the globe



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