Range of products for quick food contamination testing

Bactest, inventor and manufacturer of Speedy Breedy, the sensitive, versatile and portable contamination test, has announced a panel of aerobic media products to identify contamination in food.

The new products will selectively identify contamination caused by Staphyloccocus, Salmonella, Listeria and yeasts. These four new products join the company’s existing media products for E. coli, Coliforms, Pseudomonas and Enterococci. 

Bactest CEO Prof. Annie Brooking says, “These new products enhance our current portfolio of media products to identify contamination in food by aerobic bacteria. With this expanded panel food manufacturers can screen raw ingredients, process water and finished product for contamination at source, where the sample is taken, shaving days off the time taken to send samples to a lab and receive results. Time is money for all of us and giving food manufacturers the ability to ship products days earlier reduces the cost of working capital and inventory storage.”

Speedy Breedy is used to determine sterility or contamination in a range of applications that include manufacture of ice cream, paint, meat products, beer, milk and juice. Speedy Breedy tests for contamination in a wide range of samples including potable water, ballast water, stem cells, donor organs, semen, and blood. Swabs used in environmental testing can also be tested for sterility using Speedy Breedy. 

To find out more visit www.speedybreedy.com

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