New microscopy platform

Zeiss has introduced the Elyra 7 with Lattice SIM - a new platform for fast and gentle 3D superresolution microscopy

New microscope software

Organising and managing digital classrooms efficiently via new software module Zeiss Labscope Teacher

Digital microscopy platform to be presented

New platform for applications in science and industry to be released at industry conference

X-ray imaging portfolio expands

Zeiss expands X-ray imaging portfolio with new Xradia Context microCT

New module for X-ray microscopes

Iterative reconstruction with OptiRecon system

X-ray microscope used to study batteries and fuel cells

UCL team advance the next generation of batteries

Scanning electron microscope introduced

Modular platform for intuitive operation, routine investigations and research applications

Automated microscopy platform

Latest Zeiss Celldiscoverer 7 for live cell imaging

Imaging software

Lab infrastructure solution Zeiss ZEN 2 core is connecting systems, data and workflows

Simplifying specialised cell imaging

Eugene McCarthy reports on how vast improvements in optical resolutions and 3D imaging are allowing laboratories to simplify routine tasks and carry out real-time cell imaging

Carl Zeiss

MCS 600 and the CORONA PLUS systems for measurements in the UV/visible and NIR spectral range. MCS 600 is especially suitable for measurements in the UV range and a very high degree of flexibility can be fulfilled. CORONA PLUS will be used preferably where portable systems are needed and where 12 V power supply is required. In addition to the standard systems Carl Zeiss provide also customized measuring systems

New possibilities for particle analysis from Carl Zeiss

The Carl Zeiss Microscopy business group is presenting two new options for particle analysis at this year's parts2clean trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany. Using Axio Zoom.V16, testers can investigate a component's cleanliness quickly and efficiently, while correlative microscopy provides chemical information and material classifications on individual particles.

Carl Zeiss introduces ORION NanoFab

Carl Zeiss Microscopy is introducing ORION NanoFab at the European Microscopy Congress (EMC) in Manchester, UK. It is the first multi-ion-beam tool based on Gas Field Ion Source (GFIS) technology.





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