Faster genome evolution methods to transform yeast

Scientists create new way of speeding up genome evolution of baker's yeast

Speed dating for yeast

Yeast cells decide whether to have sex with each other within two minutes of meeting, according to new research. The new insights could be helpful for researchers looking at how cancer cells and stem cells develop.

Sugar-hungry yeast to boost biofuel production

Engineering yeast to transform sugars more efficiently into alcohols could be an economically and environmentally sound way to replace fossil fuels, say scientists.

Jungle yeast

A new species of yeast has been discovered deep in the Amazon jungle and scientists are learning about the novel characteristics of Candida carvajalis sp. nov.

Eliminate ‘enemy’ yeast

Yeasts are a group of predominantly unicellular fungi which mankind has exploited in food and beverage production for millennia.

Detection of foreign yeast cultures in Yoghurt

Sensor Array instrumentation is already well known as aelectronic nose technology'.

Custom Yeast two-hybrid screens for protein interactions

The yeast two-hybrid system has become an increasingly important tool to identify and map novel protein-protein interactions.

Nutritional yeast Pic attached

Engevita, from DSM, is a nutritional ingredient in a wide variety of dietary supplements and vegetarian dishes, including vegetarian paté, energy bars and yeast tablets.





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