Careers fair for women in STEM

Networking career opportunity for young women in the South West

Portrayal of women’s drinking habits in the media offers biased, judgemental view

Researchers have investigated how the media report women’s and men’s binge drinking

Identifying suicide risk among pregnant women

The study analysed five years of suicide data from the US's National Violent Death Reporting system

Women smokers face tougher odds than men after heart attack

Study shows women who smoke suffer worse outcomes after heart attack, experience heart attacks earlier

Women Attracted to Men in Red

Simply wearing the color red or being bordered by the rosy hue makes a man more attractive and sexually desirable to women, according to a series of studies by researchers.

Pregnancy intentions of HIV-positive women

A report issued by the Program on International Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health proposes a new research agenda to address the sexual and reproductive health and rights of HIV-positive women.

Many pregnant women lacking vitamin D

Seven out of every ten pregnant women in the United States are not getting enough Vitamin D according to a study published recently.

Women do make men throw caution to the wind

The presence of an attractive woman elevates testosterone levels and physical risk taking in young men, according to a recent study.

HIV-infected postmenopausal women

Postmenopausal HIV-infected women have a high prevalence of low bone mineral density and high bone turnover placing them at high risk for future bone fractures.

Women at risk from vitamin A deficiency

Almost half of UK women could be suffering from a lack of vitamin A due to a previously undiscovered genetic variation, scientists at Newcastle University have found.

Women at risk from Alzheimer's

Middle-aged women with high levels of a specific amino acid in their blood are twice as likely to suffer from Alzheimer's many years later, reveals a thesis.

Postmenopausal women with higher testosterone levels

Postmenopausal women who have higher testosterone levels may be at greater risk of heart disease, insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome compared to women with lower testosterone levels.

Sexually satisfied women happier

Pre- and post-menopausal women who self-rated themselves as being sexually satisfied had a higher overall psychological well-being score and scores for "positive well-being" and "vitality."

Overweight middle-aged women at risk

Women who put on weight as they approach middle-age could reduce their chances of enjoying a healthy old age by up to 80 per cent, according to research from the University of Warwick.

Postmenopausal women benefit from endurance training

Researchers report that postmenopausal women can achieve the same health benefits from regular, vigorous exercise as younger women do.

Medicine: Oils offer health benefits to women

A study comparing how two common dietary oil supplements affect body composition suggests that both oils, by themselves, can lower body fat in obese postmenopausal women with Type 2 diabetes.

Lack of sleep more dangerous for women

Women who get less than the recommended eight hours sleep a night are at higher risk of heart disease and heart-related problems than men with the same sleeping patterns.

Women may not be so picky after all

Men and women may not be from two different planets after all when it comes to choosiness in mate selection, according to new research from Northwestern University.

Identifying pelvic lymph nodes in women

Diffusion weighted MR can accurately identify benign from malignant pelvic lymph nodes in patients with gynecologic malignancy.

How men and women cope

Can people's differing reactions to situations of stress be attributed at least in part to genetic differences and do those differences affect men and women in different ways?






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