Less water and energy used to make beer

The Worldwide Brewery Industry Water and Energy Benchmarking Survey, which is carried out by Campden BRI and KWA on behalf of the Dutch Brewers Association every four years, reveals that breweries have reduced their energy usage by over 17% and water usage by over 9% over the last four years.

Thermo Fisher Scientific expands water purification portfolio

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has launched the Thermo Scientific Barnstead GenPure xCAD Plus water purification system, featuring advanced technology that allows simultaneous dispensing from three remote dispensers for exceptional flexibility and ease of use in shared laboratory environments.

Bacteria in drinking water are key to keeping it clean

Bacteria commonly found in drinking water creates conditions which enable other – potentially harmful – bacteria to thrive, says research by engineers from the University of Sheffield.

To feed the future, we must mine the wealth of the world’s seed banks today

With fewer than a dozen flowering plants out of 300,000 species accounting for 80 percent of humanity’s caloric intake, people need to tap unused plants to feed the world in the near future, claims Cornell University plant geneticist Susan McCouch in the Comment feature of the July 4 issue of Nature.

Protecting drinking water systems from deliberate contamination

An international project has developed a response programme for rapidly restoring the use of drinking water networks following a deliberate contamination event.

Europe needs to use water more efficiently

Europe needs to redouble efforts in using water more efficiently to avoid undermining its economy, according to a new report from the European Environment Agency (EEA).

Algatechnologies introduces astaxanthin water soluble emulsion

Algatechnologies, Israel, the leading manufacturer of natural astaxanthin, has developed a 2% natural astaxanthin in a unique liquid-emulsion format under the AstaPure™ brand name.

Informatics solution for water and environmental testing laboratories

Ensures companies have defensible data to comply with the US Safe Drinking Water Act

Beating the water shortage

ELGA Process Water helps a laboratory reduce its water footprint

Monitoring hydrogen sulphide in bottled water products

Hydrogen sulphide should not be detectable in drinking water by either taste or odour. Michael Strahand reports

Best practice in water pumps for injection systems

Mogens Roy Olesen describes the essential challenges in terms of both design, performance and purity for water pumps used in injection systems.

Produce Particulate-Free Water at Low Cost

Polyfil II cartridges are the filter of choice for organizations seeking absolute removal of unwanted particulates (0.5 to 105 micron) and for prefiltration to membrane filters.

Portable FTIR analyser for Determining Water in Lubricating Oil

A2 Technologies has announced that the Ferrybridge Power Station in West Yorkshire, England, has selected their iPAL portable FTIR analyser for measuring the level of water in the lubricating oil used in the massive turbines at this major power plant.

Deadly effect of arsenic in drinking water

More than 20 percent of deaths in a study of 12,000 Bangladeshis were attributable to arsenic exposure from contaminated drinking water, new research reports.

Metal catalyst for generating hydrogen from water

Hydrogen would command a key role in future renewable energy technologies, experts agree, if a relatively cheap, efficient and carbon-neutral means of producing it can be developed.

New approach to water desalination

A new approach to desalination being developed by researchers could lead to small, portable desalination units that could be powered by solar cells or batteries and could deliver enough fresh water to supply the needs of a family or small village.

Harnessing viruses to split water

A team of researchers has found a novel way to mimic the process by which plants use the power of sunlight to split water and make chemical fuel to power their growth.

Range of Water Purification Systems

Thermo Fisher Scientific has engineered a range of flexible water purification systems that can be used independently or as part of an integrated water system.

Reducing some water flow rates beneficial

Conservation projects often attempt to enhance the water-based transport of material, energy, and organisms in natural ecosystems.

Generating RNA molecules in water

Researchers in Italy have reconstructed one of the earliest evolutionary steps yet: generating long chains of RNA from individual subunits using nothing but warm water.






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