Versatile high performance benchtop freeze dryer

The new VirTis BenchTop Pro freeze dryer range from SP Scientific have been designed to be highly affordable, yet meet the needs of the most demanding research laboratories.

Versatile, High Integrity Sample Storage Caps

Designed to increase productivity and eliminate expensive tube capping systems, Micronic Capcluster sample storage caps offer the unique versatility of single action capping of a single tube, a row of tubes, or a complete 96-tube rack.

Versatile Microplate Blowdown Station

Designed to quickly and safely remove solvents from 96 or 384-well plates, the Ultravap Blowdown Station from Porvair Sciences Ltd. is a versatile tool proven to optimise microplate sample preparation productivity.

Versatile Automated Media Filling System

The new generation MEDIAJET from INTEGRA offers the unique flexibility to be simply configured for high throughput filling of Petri dishes of various sizes, Petri dishes with two compartments and test tubes of various diameters and length.

Versatile mass spectrometry software solution

Research and production in an industrial chemistry environment often have quite different requirements regarding mass spectrometry.

Versatile epilepsy-prevention effect

A drug with potential to prevent epilepsy caused by a genetic condition may also help prevent more common forms of epilepsy caused by brain injury, according to researchers.

Versatile Wireless Barcode Scanner

Micronic Europe, specialists in laboratory sample storage, has announced the launch of the SampleScan Wireless Barcode Scanner.

Versatile reaction station for productive parallel chemistry

The Carousel 6 reaction station family from Radleys provides a simple, versatile and convenient solution for chemists.

Beta-carotene ­ the unique and versatile ingredient

Beta-carotene is the main colorant in carrots, and the most abundant carotenoid in nature. It is a unique ingredient because it possesses three significant attributes.

Versatile electric capper enhances sample storage process

Designed to work with all sample storage 96-format tube and rack combinations, without use of adapters, the Micronic Univo Electric Capper CP480 sets a new benchmark for ease of use, versatility and speed of operation.





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