Breakthrough opens path to new vaccine for HIV

A CEA-Leti breakthrough has opened the path to a new vaccine for using lipid-nanoparticle-delivery technology

Clearing up the facts on egg-based vaccine production

Vaccines serve as a critical line of defense in disease prevention and control. As global communities interact more, there is a pronounced importance on rapidly delivering greater quantities of vaccine that reach more people as quickly as possible.

Mercury conference confronts contentious topics

One of the panel sessions at the ‘Mercury 2013’ International Conference in Edinburgh (28th July – 2nd Aug) “will be highly contentious and should result in a heated debate,” says Prof. K. Clive Thompson who will be chairing the session with Eric Uram from SafeMinds.

Zika vaccine receives boost

Funds will accelerate the further development of a vaccine candidate against the Zika virus infection and its first clinical trial

Extension of Alzheimer's disease vaccine development collaboration

AFFiRiS announced completion of preclinical work packages and related payments of from GSK to AFFiRi

Patient trials of new leukaemia cancer vaccine

Treatment will use a new DNA vaccine which will treat a selected group of volunteers who have either chronic or acute myeloid leukaemia

H1N1 vaccine protects against 1918 influenza virus

Researchers have determined people who were vaccinated against the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus may also be protected against the lethal 1918 Spanish influenza virus, which killed more than 50 million people worldwide.

New vaccine for giardia parasite

Giardia parasites engineered to express all their surface proteins worked as vaccines that could help prevent or mitigate future infections.

Building a better flu vaccine

Vaccines likely would work better in protecting children from flu if they included both strains of influenza B instead of just one, Saint Louis University research has found.

T-cells may limit HIV vaccine success

Like a skittish driver slamming the brakes, a special class of T cells may be limiting the effectiveness of therapeutic vaccines for HIV by slowing the immune system response too soon, scientists report.

Flu vaccine helps protect wider community

Results of a clinical trial show that immunising children against seasonal influenza can significantly protect unvaccinated community members against influenza as well.

Virus-like particle vaccine protects monkeys

An experimental vaccine developed using non-infectious virus-like particles has protected macaques and mice against chikungunya virus, a mosquito-borne pathogen that has infected millions of people in Africa and Asia and causes debilitating pain.

New vaccine effective in preventing TB

Investigators have reported results of a clinical trial showing that a new vaccine against tuberculosis, Mycobacterium vaccae (MV), is effective in preventing tuberculosis in people with HIV infection.

Hope for effective Salmonella vaccine

Research from Malawi, Birmingham and Liverpool has renewed hope that an effective vaccine could be developed against nontyphoidal strains of Salmonella.

Largest malaria vaccine trial underway

A pivotal efficacy trial of RTS,S, the world's most clinically advanced malaria vaccine candidate, is now underway in seven African countries: Burkina Faso, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania.

Rapid vaccine rollout effective against H1N1

Early action, especially rapid roll-out of vaccines, is extremely effective in reducing the attack rate of the H1N1 influenza virus, according to a simulation model of a pandemic outbreak.

H1N1 influenza vaccine trial in people with asthma

The NIH is preparing to launch the first government-sponsored clinical trial to determine what dose of the 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine is needed to induce a protective immune response in people with asthma.

Adults certain to get H1N1 vaccine

In a new survey, researchers found that just 40 per cent of adults are "absolutely certain" they will get the H1N1 vaccine for themselves, and 51 per cent of parents are "absolutely certain" that they will get the vaccine for their children.

HIV vaccine shows promise

An investigational vaccine regimen has been shown to be well-tolerated and to have a modest effect in preventing HIV infection in a clinical trial involving more than 16,000 adult participants in Thailand.

New rabies vaccine may require only a single shot

A replication-deficient rabies virus vaccine that lacks a key gene called the matrix gene induced a rapid and efficient anti-rabies immune response in mice and non-human primates, according to researchers.






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