Optics of soap bubbles

May help us understand the mechanics of immune cells and cancer

Fish pool their experience to solve problems collectively

Implications for business and bio-inspired swarm robotics, say researchers

Tiny star with a monstrous temper

Super stormy star discovery has implications for life on other planets

Slow light speeds up the microscopic world

Researchers have slowed down the speed of light in a process which could have major applications in fundamental science and medical diagnosis

New treatment could ‘protect against any strain of the flu’

Preventative treatment could be used as a ‘frontline defence’ before an effective flu vaccine is developed

Condensed matter physics research could revolutionise data transfer and storage

Maximal Rashba-like spin splitting via kinetic energy-coupled inversion symmetry breaking

Tropical crow is highly-skilled tool user

Hawaiian crow uses tools to winkle insects and other prey from deadwood and vegetation

New trials offer hope for TB treatment

Scientists say international effort yields ‘important’ results

Novel fingerprint detection

Research uses a combination of a Kelvin probe detector and two tuneable light beams

Hawaiian crow joins illustrious club of animal master tool users

Current evidence strongly suggests that tool use is part of the species’ natural behavioural repertoire

Tool-bending birds prompt ‘clever crow’ rethink

Surprising discovery sheds new light on Betty-the-crow’s iconic wire-bending feat

Boost for bladder cancer detection

£500k funding for diagnosis and treatment technology at University of St Andrews

3D technique could transform photographs

New 3D experience created at University of St Andrews; technique could transform photographs

New laboratory promises insights into evolution of Earth and life

Isotope geochemistry uses the chemical content of materials to further understanding of climate and environmental change, Earth’s natural resources, and evolution of the Earth and solar system

Unlocking one of the great secrets of Earth’s evolution

Settling a debate going back to Darwin

Healing light

New fibre-optic technology could heal wounds faster





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