Pilot plant equipped with continuous manufacturing tech

GEA equips new integrated pilot plant at the University of Sheffield

Insulin pumps versus injections

Researchers from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and the University of Sheffield among first to compare effectiveness of traditional methods in controlling type 1 diabetes with alternative technologies

New technique offers DNA ‘sat nav’ direct to your ancestor’s home 1,000 years ago

Geographic Population Structure can locate the village your ancestors lived in 1,000 years ago

From molars to canines: Discover dentistry with revolutionary digital course

The University of Sheffield is continuing to remove the barriers to higher education for people across the world with a new and exciting online dentistry course which is free and accessible to all.

New protein could hold the key to stopping Parkinson's

Tigar, a newly discovered protein in the world of Parkinson's, could be the key to stopping the degenerative disease according to research from the University of Sheffield.

Project could save the eyesight of thousands

Scientists from the University of Sheffield have partnered with a team in India for a project which could save the eyesight of thousands of people living in the South Asian country.

Young female cancer patients unhappy with fertility discussions

Young female cancer patients are unhappy about the way fertility preservation options are discussed with them by doctors before starting cancer treatment, according to a new study by researchers from the University of Sheffield and The Children's Hospital, Sheffield.

Zebrafish study paves the way for new treatments for genetic disorder

Scientists from the University of Sheffield have paved the way for new treatments for a common genetic disorder thanks to pioneering research on zebrafish – an animal capable of mending its own heart.

Diabetes: double trouble – its effects on heart and brain

Scientists at the University of Sheffield are launching a pioneering investigation to discover how diabetes affects heart and brain function in order to help the soaring number of people living with the disease.

Fatty plaques build up at bends and branches of arteries

Study reveals effects of chaotic blood flow and the authors suggest anti-cancer drugs could prevent atherosclerosis

UK’s first liquid gallium SAXS instrument opens

New lab set to boost scientific research into the field of nanomaterials

Exploiting high speed light for super slow science

World’s only long-duration synchrotron facility enabling pioneering research

Ground breaking research identifies promising drugs for treating Parkinson's

New drugs which may have the potential to stop faulty brain cells dying and slow down the progression of Parkinson's, have been identified by scientists in a pioneering study which is the first of its kind.

Bacteria in drinking water are key to keeping it clean

Bacteria commonly found in drinking water creates conditions which enable other – potentially harmful – bacteria to thrive, says research by engineers from the University of Sheffield.

Pioneering mouse research provides breakthrough in the search for adult brain stem cells

Generating new cells in the brain that regulate core body functions has moved one step closer as a result of state-of-the-art research at one of the UK's flagship research centres at the University of Sheffield.

Virtual skin model reveals secrets of skin aging

We constantly grow new skin and slough off the old. Until now, scientists have never agreed on exactly how this works, but new research from the University of Sheffield may provide the answer.

Research reveals low exposure of excellent work by female scientists

Scientists at the University of Sheffield have found that high quality science by female academics is underrepresented in comparison to that of their male counterparts.





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