Ancient fossil reveals the evolution of bird legs for the first time

Fossil had well-preserved soft tissues around the ankle joint, including cartilage and ligaments

Human Brain Project receives €89 million from the European Commission

Aim to accelerate scientific understanding of the human brain, make advances in defining and diagnosing brain disorders

Scientists take to the skies to track West African pollution

Aircraft carrying sophisticated instruments to collect atmospheric data used to track air pollution from coastal cities of Accra, Abidjan, Lomé and Cotonou

European citizen science study using light to understand air pollution

Particle concentration is measured by examining the quality of the sunlight passing through the atmosphere using a special filter attached to the smartphone camera and calculated using a free app

Molecular clues to serious illnesses to be explored

New £2.9 million research project led by the University of Manchester

European tornadoes are an unrecognised threat

Such is the scale of the problem, and with European tornado season just weeks away, meteorologists say they want to raise awareness of the issue

Arctic expedition to uncover the secrets of an ancient and mysterious shark

Greenland shark lives for more than 272 years - possibly more than 400

Bigger brains help social primates to make up after a fight

Help individuals cope with aggression and competition caused by living in large groups, say Manchester researchers

Can you create 2D nanosheets from cat litter?

Technique called liquid phase exfoliation creates 2D sheets from unusual starting materials

Key to darkness of soot in air pollution

Researchers focused on the mix of black carbon and other substances in soot particles released by fires, diesel engines or industry

Birds of a feather

Research may help to discover the true colour of extinct animals

Scientists discover link between bacteria and supposedly non-infectious diseases

Discovery could help to explain many features of diseases, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and diabetes, and may lead to new methods of prevention or treatment

Human-growth patterns in transcriptomic data

Understanding how children grow is key to understanding many childhood diseases and conditions, particularly those affecting growth

Study finds nearly 5 million asthmatics worldwide could benefit from antifungal therapy

An estimated 4,837,000 asthmatics with allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) could benefit substantially from antifungal treatment, say researchers from the University of Toronto and Manchester University.





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