Extreme makeover: mankind’s unprecedented transformation of Earth

University of Leicester researchers suggest a turning point for the planet and its resources

From worker to queen at the drop of a gene

Researchers discover the genes that cause the buff-tailed bumblebee to develop into a male, worker or queen

New study on dopamine neurons could aid research into neurological disorders

Research team finds when and why dopamine releasing cells in the forebrain are activated

Assessing DNA damage

Cleaver Scientific has introduced the new COMPAC-50 high throughput COMET Assay system.

Neurons play a key role in the formation of memory

Neuroscientists use morphed images of Hollywood celebrities to reveal how neurons make up your mind

Research reveals cause of muscle-wasting disease

Genetic cause of Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy (EDMD) discovered by scientists

Plan a space mission from concept to launch

UK space exploration expertise to be applied in Kurdistan

Breakthrough discovery reveals how thirsty trees pull water to their canopies

International team led by University of Leicester overturn 400 year-old barometric limit theory

Oldest DNA sequences may reveal secrets of ancient animal ancestors

Researchers discover early conserved DNA sequences from almost 700 million years ago





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