The eyes have it for new camera system inspired by animal vision

Scientists have taken inspiration from how animals’ eyes work to create a new way for computer-controlled cameras to ‘see’

Guidelines for thyroid disorder are outdated

Subclinical hypothyroidism is a common contributor to many problems in older age, including causing non-specific symptoms such as tiredness or lethargy, muscle weakness

Solar-powered skin opens new possibilities for prosthetics

Graphene’s remarkable physical properties use energy from the sun to power the skin

Research highlights potential way to combat toxoplasmosis parasite

Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that commonly infects cats, but it is also carried by other warm-blooded animals, including humans

Prehistoric ancestor of leukaemia virus found in bats

Researchers identified the remnants of a deltaretrovirus in the genome of bent-winged bats

Veterans not at higher risk of leukaemia, finds study

Exposure to radiation and certain chemicals may increase the risk, leading to worries about the consequences of military service

Stillbirths and infant deaths

Researchers studied the associations of birth weight centiles with stillbirth, infant mortality, admission to the neonatal unit and low Apgar score

Portrayal of women’s drinking habits in the media offers biased, judgemental view

Researchers have investigated how the media report women’s and men’s binge drinking

Diagnostic test invented to detect costly Atlantic salmon disease

Pancreas disease can cause significant losses in farmed Atlantic salmon due to morbidity, mortality and reduced production

Heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes may combine to worsen thinking skills

Preventing or delaying cardiovascular disease or diabetes may delay cognitive decline and possible dementia

‘Stapled’ protein could lead to new cancer treatments

Researchers have designed and built a proteomimetic version of a naturally-occurring protein called TPX2

Effects of multiple concussions in retired rugby players later in life

Health concerns about effects of concussion on athletes later in life include neurodegenerative disease and chronic traumatic encephalopathy

Face identification accuracy impaired by poor sleep

Study set out to examine how sleep would affect the accuracy of facial identification

Scientists discover how insect-borne viruses ‘suppress’ the immune system to cause disease

Bluetongue Virus enters the animal’s system through the skin via a midge bite, and then travels to the lymph nodes where it begins to suppress the natural immune system response

Precision medicine breakthrough for chronic myeloid leukaemia

Researchers believe they have found a new drug that could lead to a cure for CML by killing the CML stem cell

Simple polymer could unlock more effective bone regeneration treatments

Technique uses a unique property of the polymer poly(ethyl acrylate) to allow growth factors to be effective at doses around 300 times lower than currently possible

Vitamin D levels in pregnant women could be linked to some learning disabilities in children

Study finds that 8.9% of children who had been conceived between January and March had learning disabilities

Sea habits of migratory birds highlight conservation need in the Canary Current

The Canary Current is known to be a globally important biodiversity region, and also one of the most intensively fished areas on earth

High rates of smoking blamed for increased risk of cancer among older veterans

Study analysed the long-term risks of smoking-related cancer, including lung, throat, stomach and bladder cancer






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