Mesoscale segmented flow reactor

Liquid segmented mesoscale tubular reactor runs for 5 hours without fouling issues and with instant recovery of solids

Scientists create laser-activated superconductor

Superconductors are used in medical scanners, super-fast electronic circuits and in Maglev trains

Ultrasonic ‘hands’ can grip microparticles

Could provide new tools to study cells which could help biologists or medics perform a variety of delicate tasks such as sorting or assembling cells

The negative effect of period pain is greater than you think

Menstrual pain causes regular suffering for many women, and its effects are often overlooked and poorly understood, according to pain psychologists

Mother’s genes work with baby’s to prevent obesity

Scientists uncover how copies of a gene present in both mother and baby interact to control optimal growth of the child

Scientists make embryos from non-egg cells

Scientists have shown for the first time that embryos can be made from non-egg cells, a discovery that challenges two centuries of received wisdom.

Cholera-like disease 'piggybacking' on El Niño to reach new shores

Research suggests there are links between organisms that are causing illnesses in Asia with those that emerge in Latin America

Watch out for the quiet ones

Low toxin MRSA strains may be the real killer

UK must invest to maintain top five bioscience position

Data from leading antibody search engine CiteAb suggests that bioscience research in the UK has remained competitive on a global playing field, despite increased competition from a range of other countries.





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