Universal HPLC Detector Offers near Nanogram Sensitivity

Available from Dorton Analytical the ultra-sensitive, universal Nano Quantity Analyte Detector presents a major advancement in high performance liquid chromatography detection capability.

Universal programmable quantum processor

Researchers have demonstrated the first "universal" programmable quantum information processor able to run any program allowed by quantum mechanics.

Universal influenza vaccination may reduce antibiotic use

Influenza vaccination helps prevent disease, but a new study from Canada suggests it may also prevent another public health problem: inappropriate antibiotic use.

Universal flu vaccine holds promise

An influenza vaccine that protects against death and serious complications from different strains of flu is a little closer to reality, vaccine researchers have found.

Universal titrator with intelligent sensors and advanced liquid handling

Thanks to the most advanced electronics Metrohm has been able to reduce the measuring amplifier to the size of a postage stamp. This means that the complete measuring amplifier fits in the electrode cable head.

BioCellChallenge launches the first universal delivery system for transporting antibodies into live cells

BioCellChallenge SAS, a biotechnology firm specialized in the creation and development of delivery systems for introducing active principles into live cells, has announced the launch of a new delivery system, ImmunoCellin, which is designed to transport antibodies into live cells even in the presence of additives

Clues that could lead to a universal flu jab honoured

A study which has found a way to develop a universal vaccine for influenza, one that gives people immunity against all strains of the disease, has been recognised by the European Respiratory Society (ERS) and gained its lead researcher a prestigious award.

Corona CAD universal detector

The new Corona CAD universal detector is a simple and reliable HPLC method for simultaneous measurement of cations and anions.





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