Unique parallel peptide synthesizer

The Syro Wave peptide synthesis system is the only system on the market that offers both microwave and parallel peptide synthesis capabilities.

Unique family of anti-cancer compounds

Scientists have streamlined the process for synthesising a family of compounds with the potential to kill cancer and other diseased cells, and have found that they represent a unique category of anti-cancer agents.

Potato genome based on unique variety

The Potato Genome Sequencing Consortium has released a draft sequence of the potato genome with the help of a Virginia Tech researcher.

Unique automated microplate mover

The Orbitor RS is a high-speed microplate mover offering proven, reliable performance with totally flexible plate handling.

Beta-carotene ­ the unique and versatile ingredient

Beta-carotene is the main colorant in carrots, and the most abundant carotenoid in nature. It is a unique ingredient because it possesses three significant attributes.

Unique adaptations to a symbiotic lifestyle reveal novel targets for aphid insecticides

Aphids are pests that cause millions of pounds of damage to crops in the UK, but new research led by biologists at the University of York reveals potential new targets for aphid-specific insecticides.





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