Versatile LED Photoreactor

Versatile photoreactor for continuous flow chemistry now features alternative LED array configurations

Efficient flow chemistry scale-up

Uniqsis technology used for efficient flow chemistry scale-up of photoredox coupling reactions at University of Cambridge

Temperature controller for flow chemistry

Uniqsis has introduced the latest addition to its product portfolio: an active temperature controller for flow chemistry

Heating and cooling reactor introduced

Active temperature control for flow chemistry in glass chip reactors via new solution from Uniqsis

Flexible flow chemistry system

New product launched for process research chemists

Flow synthesis of novel nanomaterials

Development of novel nanomaterials for use in next-generation applications

Optimised flow chemistry system for heterogeneous catalysis

Uniqsis has introduced FlowLab Column, an optimised flow chemistry system for heterogeneous catalysis applications

Efficient scale-up of challenging batch processes

FlowSyn is a compact integrated continuous flow reactor system

Efficient ring-closing metathesis of olefins under flow-through conditions

Olefin metathesis is an important reaction that provides a useful synthetic route to highly functionalised molecules such as drug precursors or polymers

Novel UV-visible detector for in-line flow chemistry

Flow-UV detector allows dispersion experiments to be monitored in real time

Flow chemistry

FlowSyn integrated continuous flow reactor systems for pharmaceutical, nanomaterials and academic research applications

Mixer-Reactor chip improves control of rapid highly exothermic reactions

Uniqsis Ltd. has demonstrated how its proprietary glass static mixer-reactor chip technology can be used to perform highly exothermic reactions more conveniently at higher temperatures with useful throughputs under continuous flow-through conditions.





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