Considerations for cleaning processes

Michele Christian presents some procedural guidelines for proper usage of critical cleaners

Ultrasonic proximity switches approved for use in hazardous areas

Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) has developed a new range of ultrasonic proximity switches for use in hazardous (Ex) areas. The contact-free Simatic PXS810 sensors are available in M18 compact design and in M30K3 format with a fixed sensor head.

Ultrasonic spectroscopy for high resolution formulation analysis

There is a new, non-destructive technique with enormous potential for analysing materials and formulations used by the pharmaceutical industry. Evgeny Kudryashov, Cormac Smyth, Breda O’Driscoll and Vitaly Buckin put the case for high resolution ultrasonic spectroscopy.

Ultrasonic fogging system aids cleanroom decontamination

How to reduce water consumption and yet maintain, or even increase, effectiveness during decontamination showers is a challenge that has recently taken a significant step forward. Sean Ottewell reports.

Adding extra functionality to high-res ultrasonic spectroscopy

High-resolution ultrasonic spectroscopy (HR-US) is a novel technique for non-destructive material analysis based on precision measurements of parameters (velocity and attenuation) of high-frequency sound waves, propagating through analysed samples.

High-resolution ultrasonic spectroscopy for dairy analysis

Always an exciting technology, the uptake of ultrasonic spectroscopy has been hindered by its technical complexity and limited resolution. As Cormac Smyth, Breda O'Driscoll, Evgeny Kuryashov and Vitaly Buckin show, a new device has overcome these problems is finding applications in various dairy processes.

Beamforming breakthrough boosts accuracy of ultrasonic technology

Focusing the sound waves used in ultrasound devices has always posed a number of technical challenges. However, a new innovation from Germany that gives greater control over the sound waves could lead to far more accurate ultrasound-based tools.

Sound out ultrasonic spectroscopy in the pharmaceutical processes

In the last issue of Elab, the principles behind ultrasonic spectroscopy were introduced. Here, Cormac Smyth,Evgeny Kudriashov, Breda O'Driscoll and Vitaly Buckintake a closer look at its practical applications.

Ultrasonic spectroscopy moves into laboratory for dynamic monitoring

Ultrasonic spectroscopy is all set to become a routine analytical technique in the laboratory. It provides a non-destructive way to measure the properties of materials, using sound waves rather than the more usual electromagnetic waves. As Vitaly Buckin and Breda O'Driscoll show, it can also be used for monitoring the course of dynamic processes such as biochemical reactions.





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