Triple Rule-Out coronary CT angiography

Physicians can dramatically reduce the radiation dose delivered to patients undergoing coronary CT angiography in a triple rule-out protocol by simply using tube current modulation.

triple frequency metal detector

Ready meals manufacturer Country Chef is the first Belgian company to invest in Lock's MET30+3f triple frequency metal detector with ADC software.

triple detector array

Available from Viscotek, a leader in multiple detection characterisation of synthetic and natural polymers, the Model 302 triple detector array (TDA) represents the cutting edge in detector technology for pharmaceutical analysis.

triple frequency detector

Lock Inspection Systems' 3f triple frequency detector is the latest in several hi-tech features introduced by Lock to heighten the performance of the MET 30+ detector. A second feature, the touchscreen, allows diagnostic software data to be viewed from the detector, so the user can identify problem areas and adjust settings to enhance sensitivity at the touch of a button.





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