Dental plaque bacteria may trigger blood clots

Oral bacteria that escape into the bloodstream are able to cause blood clots and trigger life-threatening endocarditis. Further research could lead to new drugs to tackle infective heart disease, say scientists presenting their work at the Society for General Microbiology’s Spring Conference in Dublin this week.

Antibody response trigger discovered

Researchers have discovered a trigger that induces B cells to produce effective and long-lived antibodies early in the immune response.

Degenerative disease trigger identified

A mechanism that regulates stem-cell differentiation in mice testes suggests a similar process that may trigger degenerative disease in humans, according to a physiologist.

Virus may trigger unusual immune cells to attack nerves

A virus infection can incite the body to attack its own nerve tissue by activating unusual, disease-fighting cells with receptors for both viral and nerve proteins.

Did phosphorus trigger complex evolution?

The evolution of complex life forms may have gotten a jump start billions of years ago, when geologic events operating over millions of years caused large quantities of phosphorus to wash into the oceans.

Seeing disease may trigger immune response

Just seeing someone who looks sick is enough to make your immune system work harder, according to a new study in which volunteers looked at pictures of sick people.

Stress hormone, depression trigger obesity

Depression raises stress hormone levels in adolescent boys and girls but may lead to obesity only in girls, according to researchers.

Synthetic molecules trigger immune response to HIV

Researchers have developed synthetic molecules capable of enhancing the body's immune response to HIV and HIV-infected cells, as well as to prostate cancer cells.

Trigger of deadly food toxin discovered

Researchers for the first time have discovered what triggers a deadly toxin to form, which could lead to methods of limiting its production.

Dietary fats trigger long-term memory formation

Researchers have found that eating fat-rich foods triggers the formation of long-term memories of that activity.

Make sure closed system trigger sprays are validated

Karen Rossington takes a closer look at the risks of a trigger spray disinfectant delivery system.

Life sciences trigger developments in physical measurement techniques

In 2000 we are turning from the century of physics to the century of biology. Transgenetic food, genetic diagnostics and pharmaceuticals in medicine ­ biology and biochemistry weekly confront us with new findings giving rise to new opportunities. By Dr Heidrun Tippe.

Scientists identify mechanisms in kidney disease that trigger heart attacks and strokes

Up to 15% of the population in the UK are affected by kidney disease. While a small number of individuals will develop kidney failure, a far greater number will develop circulatory diseases such as heart attacks and strokes. New research has identified the underlying mechanisms that can contribute to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Antibiotics that don't trigger resistance

Researchers are developing a new generation of antibiotic compounds that do not provoke bacterial resistance. The compounds work against two notorious microbes: Vibrio cholerae and E. coli 0157:H7.





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