Mointoring trends in process performance

The quality of any process control system is norammly assessed by the ability of the product produced to fulfil its intended function.

Food production trends: a balance of the functional and health-enhancing

European Food Information Council (EUFIC) outlines research trends which are aimed at making food healthier, safe and nicer to eat.

Modern trends in infrared spectroscopy

The utility of infrared (IR) spectroscopy in the analytical laboratory has been recognised for decades However, it is only over the past few years that developments in instrumentation and data processing have enabled the full potential of this technique to be realised Dr Simon Nunn reports on how this technique is now meeting the demands of modern quality control

Trends in linking instruments to lab information systems

As laboratories focus increasingly on cost and quality, instrument linking software is becoming more applicable. With changes in technology, there has been a move towards client/server architectures and an almost universal use of PCs. Here, Phil Goddard looks at some of the technical and commercial reasons for the continued growth in this area.

Training programmes are key to keeping up with latest trends

In today's growing pharmaceutical industry, professionals need a resource that will assist them in keeping up to date with the latest trends and regulatory changes. With more than 12 000 members throughout 60 countries ISPE, the leading society for healthcare technology professionals, offers forums and services that enhance member's practical knowledge and allow for professionals to share experiences and work together on projects of interest to the industry.

Modern trends in fluorescence and luminescence microplate assays

The development of both highly sensitive, flexible and fast instrumentation for effective and robust assay technologies has evolved quite dramatically in response to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry as it applies to drug discovery and development. Here, Silke Angersbach gives an overview of novel assay technologies used in drug discovery and high throughput screening.

MEDICA TECH FORUM illuminates the trends in medical technology

This year MEDICA TECH FORUM, an integral part of the world's largest medical trade fair MEDICA in Düsseldorf ( 14-17 November ), will again address a wide range of topical medical technology themes in its seminars in Hall 12, some of them in English for the numerous professional visitors from around the world.





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