Flash point testing

The latest Setaflash Series 3 instruments incorporate several innovative design features

Defect in transport system cause DNA chaos in red blood cells

Within all our cells lies two meters of DNA, highly ordered in a structure of less than 10 micro meters in diameter. Special proteins called histones act as small building bricks, organising our DNA in this structure. University of Copenhagen researchers have elucidated a function of the protein Codanin-1, shedding light on the rare anemic disease CDAI where development of the red blood cells is disturbed.

Hygienic and low-maintenance transport

Do you have problems with your conveyor system regarding grease, waste residues or harmful substances? Do you experience too many down time with your system? Are you tired of the amount of maintenance your conveyor system needs? Now there is an innovative conveyor system that especially was designed to eliminate these problems, provides the solution. Jos Jacobs reports on a conveyor system that eliminates the main problems associated with internal transport in the food industry

High-res view of zinc transport protein

How much difference can a tenth of a nanometre make? When it comes to figuring out how proteins work, an improvement in resolution of that miniscule amount can mean the difference between seeing where atoms are and understanding how they interact.

Impaired transport in neurons triggers prion disease

A new study shows that nervous system integrity and axonal properties may play a key role in prion diseases.

Biotech award for gene transport technology

For the development and commercialisation of its proprietary gene transport unit (GTU) technology and GTU product applications in DNA vaccination and immune therapy, Finnish company FIT Biotech has won Frost & Sullivan's 2004 European Excellence in Technology Award.

hygienic containers for safe transport

Your aseptic production line is 100per cent safe and reliable but what about your packaging? Container users should be able to rely on the reliability of packaging used to transport their goods.

Determining the transport of water vapour through materials

The transport of water molecules through solids is commonplace and of significance to diverse industries. The interest lies in preventing ingress of water vapour and the associated product protection. Equally there are applications dependent on the transport of water vapour where a controlled release of water vapour is required. Dr M Mercer and Dr M J Benham report.

Product management for liquids during production and transport

UCON AG Containersysteme KG - manufacturer in the field of heatable and isolated stainless steel containers for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries - has the right answer to the specific needs of their customers with the cylindrical heated stainless steel tank UCON ZBEI.

Nanostructure boosts efficiency in energy transport

Researchers have developed a titanium nanostructure that provides an expanded surface area and demonstrates significantly greater efficiency in the transport of electrons.

Cellular transport insight

Scientists have now discovered how molecular motors transport cargoes in cells. Two competing teams of motors pull in opposite directions, like in a tug-of-war contest.





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