Efficient transfer pharmaceutical cream

Kern Pharma, based in Barcelona, Spain, has been packaging Canesten Creams for Bayer for several years. However, the equipment being used by Kern was hydraulic and beginning to cause concern due to leakage of the hydraulic fluid.

ELP Thermal Transfer Printers

IDENTCO has added three new editions to the ELP Thermal Transfer Printer Series. Electronic Label Printer allows users to load, print and change labels & ribbons faster and more efficiently.

New range of transfer plasmids

Oxford Expression Technologies has also launched a new range of transfer plasmids with unique signal sequences and promoters, including pOET-1 and pOET-1N that increase cloning efficiency and expression of foreign genes.

New techniques revive Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)

Fluorescence energy resonance transfer (FRET) is widely usedin the study of molecular interactions and reaction pathways.As Peter Roberts shows, the introduction of new probes and labelling techniques will make the technique and even more powerful laboratory tool.

Texture testing protocols transfer into the commercial environment

The science of texture analysis in recent years has undergone considerable development to facilitate its practical application within the factory environment. Jon Hellyer reports.





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