Lab automation tools 'make science easy'

Agilent Bravo for protein purification leverages proprietary AssayMAP microchromatography technology

Automation tools to keep pace with genomic sample processing needs

Reducing sample processing time and increasing number of samples processed while cutting amount of sample-to-sample variability

Tools to Study Genomic Instability

AMSBIO has announced a new second generation PARP in vivo Pharmacodynamic Assay that accurately measures net poly (ADP-ribose) levels in cellular extracts and has been used to document differences in PAR levels in human tumour lysates from a variety of tissues, organs and xenografts.

Tools to study porcine circovirus associated diseases

Porcine circovirus associated diseases cost pig producers around the world hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

Software tools increasingly used in designing food processing products

As consumer fashion today demands ever more new food products, software will play a greater part in food design. Eric Russell reports on the increasing use of computer aided design and finite element analysis.

Antibody-based drugs and research tools

BioInvent develops and manufactures antibody-based drugs and research tools.

Characterisation tools measures up for food science

Researchers have developed a variety of improved and novel colloidal delivery systems for food and pharmaceutical applications

Innovative screening tools accelerate drug discovery

Exclusively available in the UK from Cambio, Transcreener® HTS Assays and iuvo Microconduit array technology meet a demand for high performance tools which will speed discovery of new therapies.





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