Vials are leak and pressure tested

Leakages can not only lead to inconveniences associated with lost work, but can be hazardous for laboratory personnel

Undercounter refrigerators with redundant cooling

Designed to minimise energy usage and noise, while maintaining high levels of performance and maximising storage capacity

Mass spec-based clinical analyser

Designed for use in a variety of settings, including hospital laboratories, and to provide results for a range of clinical tests

High-resolution separations

Single quadrupole mass spectrometer provides excellent small molecule sensitivity and mass confirmation for users

Novel diagnostics

Geoff Harper reports on some innovative – and unusual – applications of chromatography technologies

ISO 22000 and integrated informatics

Trish Meek reveals the business best practices to meet global food safety regulatory challenges

Getting connected

Informatics infrastructure enables the fully integrated pharmaceutical laboratory. Trish Meek reports

Turning to CRISPRs for genome editing

Genome editing has taken a leap forward as the benefits of clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPRs) technology become more widely adopted. Sean Ottewell reports

Maximising the use of multiwell assays

Sara Verna discusses trends and challenges in microplate development, why cell based assays are more biologically relevant than other assays and common applications with cell based assays

Best practices for blood banking

Maurizio Merli and Joe Arteaga examine best practice considerations for successful blood banking and look at innovations in some of the instrumentation involved in the processing, tracing, storage, and monitoring of blood

Monitoring HIV drug resistance

New technology supports HIV-1 drug resistance surveillance in resource-limited countries

Triple quadrupole GC-MS

New generation of GC-MS/MS from Thermo Fisher Scientific, designed to deliver more sensitivity at faster speeds than its predecessor

Portable spectrometers: performance on the move

Sean Ottewell reports on the power, performance and flexibility of portable spectrometers offer many benefits

Contaminants: novel methods for detection

Two new studies propose novel ways to identify pesticides in food and rogue vegetable oils in olive oil. Eugene McCarthy reports

Sensitivity improves chromatography studies

The greater sensitivity and faster separations offered by the latest chromatography technology open up new possibilities for lab scientists

Health scares and regulations drive analysis developments

Public health scares and tougher regulation are, as Sean Ottewell finds out, helping to boost spending in the food and drink laboratory science sector

New system for high throughput Dioxin analysis

Increases throughput for Dioxin analysis while ensuring compliance with existing regulations, including EPA1613

UHPLC analyses

Thermo Scientific Vanquish Flex Binary UHPLC system boosts high-speed application

Cell culture plate eliminates edge effect during extended incubation

Thermo Scientific Nunc Edge 2.0 Plate is designed to cost effectively increase cell consistency and productivity in cell-based assays






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