New compact refrigerators designed for secure clinical storage

Latest series of refrigerators maintain optimal cold storage conditions with minimal energy consumption and noise output

More testing options for microbiology labs

Now available for antimicrobial susceptibility testing, dalbavancin on FDA-cleared microbroth dilution susceptibility plates

Latest blast freezers offer rapid freezing of critical bioprocessing samples

Versatile, easy to use blast freezer, quickly prepares products for short and long-term cold storage

New real-time PCR systems

Accelerate international collaboration and commission a global monitoring framework with a secure computing platform hosted by AWS

New ultra-low temperature freezer

Energy usage reduced by up to 50% compared to conventional refrigerant ultra-low freezers

Thermo Fisher Scientific launches smaller, more efficient twin-screw extruder

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has launched its new Thermo Scientific Process 11 parallel co-rotating twin-screw extruder for polymer and food industry research applications.

Thermo Fisher Scientific simplifies gas chromatography column selection

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides you with easy access to its GC Column Configurator, an iPhone and iPad optimized selection tool that enables you to choose the appropriate column for your chromatographic specifications.

Thermo Fisher Scientific announces SampleManager 10 LIMS

Improves access to data across the enterprise; delivers key business metrics to management; facilitates compliance with ISO, GLP and other regulatory requirements

Thermo Scientific Random Hexamers

Random hexamers are ideal when working with short fragments, such as in QRT-PCR, by increasing the number of binding sites on the RNA, allowing for an increase in reaction sensitivity and yield of cDNA.

Thermo Scientific NanoDrop

The Thermo Scientific NanoDrop instruments eliminate cuvettes and associated dilutions, resulting in more reliable measurements.

Thermo Fisher Scientific showcases rheological and spectroscopy instruments at AAPS 2012

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, is featuring a combined FT-IR spectrometer/rheometer that provides a powerful analytical workstation for rapidly optimizing the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.





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