Better tests for TB, HIV, and malaria

A researcher has highlighted the poor quality of published studies that evaluate the accuracy of diagnostic tests for 3 major killer infectious diseases (TB, HIV/AIDS and malaria).

Physicians fail to report abnormal tests

New research shows that physicians failed to report clinically significant abnormal test results to patients - or to document that they had informed them - in one out of every 14 cases of abnormal results.

Lab tests materials

Community reference laboratory for food packaging ensures chemicals used in products do not affect human health.

Hand-held lab-on-a-chip to simplify blood tests

A cell phone sized blood-count machine requiring less blood than a mosquito bite will make blood tests easier for many patients, from neonatal units to astronauts.

Validation of thin-layer limit tests in pharmaceutical analysis

Two guidelines of the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) contain standardised terminology, a verified model of requirements for the validation of analytical procedures, and guidelines concerning the practical aspects of conducting validation studies. Marco Zeller discusses the practical application of these formal requirements for the validation of analytic limit tests specifically for thin layer procedures, which may be used for quantitative and qualitative determinations of impurities in pharmaceutical testing.

rapid tests are method choice for easy screening

Most of the rapid tests are sandwich immuno assays indicating the analyte via the intensity of a colored line. Professional users are competent to evaluate more or less intensive discolorations which indicate a yes or no result.

New food and beverage tests make their debut

Major new analytical tests for the food and drinks industries will make their UK debut at easyFairs LAB INNOVATIONS on 7th and 8th November at Birmingham’s NEC. The tests are part of a seminar programme which is being specially devised for show by Campden BRI.





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