Rapid test for Ebola

Aids identification and potentially help minimise spread of Ebola virus

Rapid and efficient DNA chip technology

For simultaneously testing 14 major types of food-borne pathogens in less than 90 minutes

Glycerol wine analysis kit

Glycerol is formed as a by-product of fermentation and also has a favourable impact on wine quality

Marine lab ramps up microbiology research efforts

US marine lab increases efficiencies via automated petri dish filling solution

Helping identify wild yeast contamination in beer

Bactest has developed a special culture vessel populated with a media product that will enable breweries to identify the presence of wild yeasts in beer days faster than current methods

Meat reference materials to safeguard food chain

Six new meat mixture reference materials developed by LGC scientists to help protect consumers from food fraud have gone on sale.

Food scares prompt analysis advances

Recent food scares are increasing demands on vendors for fast, efficient solutions to identify and deal with potential problems. Sean Ottewell reports

Testing treatments in a virtual world

Imagine if your GP or consultant were able to show you, through a computerised model of yourself, the effects of potential treatments on your body.

Multi-analyte Beta Lactam and Cephalosporin milk testing

Beta-lactams are one of the most frequently used families of antibiotics in food producing animals. For consumer protection, maximum residue limits (MRLs) have been set to control the amount of beta-lactams (both penicillin’s and cephalosporins) residues present in food. Using patented biochip array technology Randox Food Diagnostics can now offer a unique biochip array platform to detect 16 of these residues in milk.

Genevac concentrator helps sports drug testing lab accelerate sample preparation

Genevac has announced an applications report that details how its miVac Duo sample concentrator has been used by a leading testing laboratory to develop a new sample preparation method to help curb sports doping.

Vitamin D testing: maintaining strong bones and muscles

The Randox Acusera immunoassay premium plus control is designed to monitor the accuracy and precision of up to 54 analytes including 25-OH Vitamin D and 1-25(OH)2 Vitamin D

Innovative multi-analyte testing

Globally, there is now a growing need for rapid cost effective screening methods for antimicrobial and growth promoter compounds in matrices such as milk, honey, meat, urine and feed. Increased vigilance is required to ensure that the food products consumed are free from drugs which could pose a risk to human health

Unlocking the potential of automated product torque testing

Dr Patrick Collins looks at the benefits of modern torque testers with touchscreen interfaces and user-friendly software.

Informatics solution for water and environmental testing laboratories

Ensures companies have defensible data to comply with the US Safe Drinking Water Act

Quality assurance/quality control testing

QA/QC testing determines whether or not a product meets control specifications in relation to its identity, composition or purity

Bacterial mutagenicity testing

Gentronix further expands early genotoxicity screening capability with introduction of Ames MPF screening service

STAT immunoassays for cardiac biomarker testing

New nine-minute STAT immunoassay tests include troponin T, CK-MB, myoglobin and NT-proBNP and run on the cobas e 601 analyser

Diabetes testing: reducing costs and improving throughput

As diabetes rates soar, consolidating HbA1c testing onto an immunoassay platform can solve throughput problems and reduce costs

Consolidating HbA1c testing onto an immunoassay platform

As diabetes rates soar, consolidating HbA1c testing onto an immunoassay platform can solve throughput problems and reduce costs

Enhanced PoC testing for mothers and babies

Blood gas analysers at point of care provide benefits for mothers and their babies, nursing staff and laboratory staff






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