New technique makes artificial bones more natural

Procedure for the fabrication of artificial bone structures by combining sponge replica and electrospinning methods

Light, chemistry, action: a new technique to target skin cancers?

Researchers could starve the tumour of oxygen and nutrients and cause it to disappear

Brain imaging technique gives new hope for understanding Parkinson’s disease

A non-invasive brain imaging technique gives new hope in finding new and better treatment plans and tracking the disease progression

Streamlining protein precipitation sample preparation technique

The p3 microplate eliminates the mess and complex sample preparation, no centrifuging, no vortexing Preparation Technique

Biomedical technique images marine worm

Scientists have for the first time successfully imaged the internal tissues of a soft bodied marine worm at high resolution using a technique borrowed from biomedical science.

New cancer drug screening technique

Scientists have developed a laboratory technique that more closely simulates the real-world conditions in which tumour cells mingle with the body's normal cells.

Technique produces both p-type and n-type doping

A simple one-step process that produces both n-type and p-type doping of large-area graphene surfaces could facilitate use of the promising material for future electronic devices.

Revolutionary photographic technique

Scientists have developed a revolutionary way of capturing a high-resolution still image alongside very high-speed video - a new technology that is attractive for science, industry and consumer sectors alike.

Technique make stem cells pluripotent with ease

Tiny circles of DNA are the key to a new and easier way to transform stem cells from human fat into induced pluripotent stem cells for use in regenerative medicine.

New RNA interference technique

Researchers report that they have successfully used RNA interference to turn off multiple genes in the livers of mice, an advance that could lead to new treatments for diseases of the liver and other organs.

Pecan trees benefit from thinning technique

Pecan trees, like many fruit trees, have a tendency to bear fruit in cycles, producing a large crop in one or two years, followed by one or two years with little or no crop.

Medical imaging technique identifies common condition

In women with lower urinary tract symptoms, a medical imaging technique called dynamic MRI allows clinicians to diagnose pelvic organ prolapse.

Gene therapy technique slows brain disease

A strategy that combines gene therapy with blood stem cell therapy may be a useful tool for treating a fatal brain disease, French researchers have found.

New technique can help diagnose mesothelioma

A new technique may help clinicians hone in on a diagnosis in patients presenting with a pleural effusion of unknown cause.

Non-traditional imaging technique

Researchers used a special optical device called a nonlinear crystal, rather than an ordinary lens, to capture an image.

Advance in bullet fingerprinting technique

Bullet fingerprinting technology developed at the University of Leicester in collaboration with Northamptonshire Police is now being advanced in new ways. The revolutionary technique was named last year as one of Time Magazine's top 50 inventions of the year.

Safe technique against HIV

Cell-delivered gene transfer has the potential to reduce viral load, preserve the immune system and avoid lifelong antiretroviral therapy. Scientist Live spoke with the study's lead researcher.

Fast lyophilisation technique benefits

Genevac have developed an effective Fast Lyophilisation technique for preparing weighable samples from difficult-to-dry HPLC purification fractions.

Chemical analysis of crystal growth uses infra-red technique

A team of scientists and engineers in northern England have developed an infra-red based technique that gives real time details about the chemical processes at work as crystallisation occurs.

New colour change technique offers custom coding and marking

Combining chemistry, substrate conversion and laser energy, Sherwood Technology has developed a new technique for the marking and coding of packaging.






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