Automating library preparation

Tecan launches NGS DreamPrep; the innovative new solution sets out to deliver unprecedented speed and accuracy for automated library preparation

Walkaway automation for biochemical assays

Designed to reliably automate plate loading, unloading and re-stacking for non-lidded SLAS-format microplates

Clear disposable tips

Non-conductive clear tips are especially useful for setting up methods where users can ‘see’ into the tip

Updated microplate reader

Lets users actually see what’s happening to their cells, offering automated cell imaging, confluence measurements, cell counting

Entry level microplate reader

Ensure high quality results for ELISAs, nucleic acid quantification, reporter assay technologies and drug discovery applications

Flexibility for genomics

Tecan’s redesigned disposable tips offer improved flexibility and walkaway times

Directed evolution techniques develop new enzymes

Researchers using the liquid handling capabilities of a Freedom EVO 75 workstation

Simplifying large molecule bioanalysis

Solution offers improved analytical sensitivity and lower background noise, while the automated workflow enables easier method standardisation and transfer between labs

Precision and accuracy in liquid handling

New options for laboratory automation solution

Fast liquid transfer down to picoliter levels

Tecan has introduced the D300e Digital Dispenser for applications that need faster, reliable dispensing down to picoliter volum

Reader for cell-based assays

The Spark 10M offers greater flexibility and increased productivity for cell biology and genomics customers

Easy PCR set-up with smart instruments

TouchTools PCR Wizard from Tecan enables rapid set-up of pre-PCR protocols

Simplifying complex genetics workflows

Easy PCR set-up with Tecan’s TouchTools PCR Wizard

Antioxidant assay for the real world

Researchers have used Tecan's multimode microplate reaader to develop CAT assay

Automated therapeutic drug monitoring protocol

Tecan’s AC Extraction Plate boosts productivity for clozapine testing at King’s College Hospital

Robotic liquid handling

Tecan extends flexibility of Cavro Omni Robot with introduction of embedded control functions and the option to select single axis configurations

Automation of cell-based and biochemical assay protocols

Fluent is an automation concept built around the application-specific needs of laboratories, says Tecan

Tecan’s Cavro air displacement pipettor

The ease of integration of Tecan’s Cavro Air Displacement Pipettor (ADP) has helped French microbiological instrument manufacturer i2a to develop PRELUD, an automated pre-analytical instrument for the inoculation of culture plates and preparation of agar susceptibility tests.

Precision in liquid handling

Tecan has launched new innovations for its Fluent laboratory automation solution

Boosting compound management workflows

Workstation is suited to drug discovery laboratories and centralised compound library facilities






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