Hitting moving RNA drug targets

RNA now is understood to perform a number of other vital roles in the cell

Prototype drug targets metabolism, halts disease that limits bone marrow transplantation

Findings challenge a long-standing model of how activated cells of the immune system make ATP, opening the door for fundamentally new approaches to combat immune diseases

Thymoquinone targets prostate cancers

Researchers have demonstrated that thymoquinone a major component of black seed oil, Nigella sativa, can suppress the growth of several aggressive prostate cancer cell lines, in vitro.

microRNA targets in C. elegans

Scientists have identified the binding sites of these miRNAs in one of the foremost model organisms, C. elegans, using biochemical means to capture targeted mRNA sequences in vivo.

Knockouts in human cells point to pathogenic targets

Whitehead researchers have developed a new type of genetic screen for human cells to pinpoint specific genes and proteins used by pathogens, according to their paper in Science.

New cellular targets for HIV drug development

Focusing HIV drug development on immune cells called macrophages instead of traditionally targeted T cells could bring us closer to eradicating the disease, according to new research.

Strategies for the identification of new asthma targets

Over the last decade mouse models of experimental asthma proved to be a valuable tool for the investigation of mechanisms that underlie acute allergic airway inflammation.

Revealing drug targets

Scientists have developed a new large-scale method to identify the interactions between proteins that are a major target for therapeutic intervention.

Unique adaptations to a symbiotic lifestyle reveal novel targets for aphid insecticides

Aphids are pests that cause millions of pounds of damage to crops in the UK, but new research led by biologists at the University of York reveals potential new targets for aphid-specific insecticides.





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