Cell disruption of Escherichia coli using high-pressure systems

Although some biological products are secreted from the cell or released during autolysis, the preparation of many others requires cell disruption to release intracellular material.

Spectrometer systems for the tobacco industry

Carl Zeiss has two new systems for the tobacco industry. The Corona NIR for At-line measurements in the field or laboratory and the ARMOR with MCS500 for on-line measurements on conveyor belts.

Precision needle tips for liquid handling systems

Sampling needles and dispensing probes are a vital part of any liquid handling system.

New control systems technology drives whisky distillery diversity

Developing control systems for the successful operation of a major whisky bottling plant is a pleasurable but none the less demanding task. Here Richard Sturt explains how a major whisky distillery in Scotland reaped the rewards of investing in the very latest control technology.

Sensitivity and dynamic range in chemiluminescence imaging systems

The development of chemiluminescence as an alternative to radioactivity for documentation of electrophoresis blots (eg Westerns) has necessitated the development of a new generation of documentation systems with exceptionally high sensitivity and dynamic range.

Detection systems for GMO crops

Kimball Nill reports on interference by soil-borne bacteria and micro-organisms when using PCR-based detection methods.

Development in high-speed optical transmission systems

Even in the current economic downturn, the internet continues to experience exponential growth in data traffic. In order to accommodate and promote this growth we need not just higher capacity systems but ones that significantly reduced acost-per-bit-transmitted'. Harry J R Dutton and Andros Payne report.

docking vessels for water purification systems

ELGA LabWater, the laboratory water purification specialist, has launched the DV25 and DV35 docking vessels to complement and add to the flexibility of its PURELAB Prima, PURELAB Option and MEDICA water purification systems.

Proteomics goes on the march and outstrips computerised systems

Eric Russell looks at the technical advances in genomics and proteomics which have spawned a related revolution in the growing field of bioinformatics. This can be described as the acquisition, analysis, and storage of biological information, specifically nucleic acid and protein sequences. Such growth is also fuelling the demand for more software development.

Piped laboratory gas systems

In a world that is increasingly health and safety conscious, it is still common practice to awheel' portable gas cylinders to the individual workstation.

Trends in linking instruments to lab information systems

As laboratories focus increasingly on cost and quality, instrument linking software is becoming more applicable. With changes in technology, there has been a move towards client/server architectures and an almost universal use of PCs. Here, Phil Goddard looks at some of the technical and commercial reasons for the continued growth in this area.

High-tech laboratory systems awill meet all future demands'

Herbert Hofmann looks at a range of laboratory furniture and technology systems structured in a multi-modular way to include logistical systems, services supply and disposal systems. they also incorporate ventilation systems and facilities management systems.

The rise of the Zeta potential in laboratory measurement systems

The battery of different pieces of high-tech equipment found in modern laboratories measure a dizzying array of parameters. Every factor is probed in an attempt to help researchers understand what, exactly, they have got in their sample tube. Zeta potential is one of the more obscure measurements, but it is assuming increasing importance. Stuart Nathan reports.

Gel documentation systems: simplicity as a beneficial feature

In recent years, the molecular biology aboom' has generated much development and diversity in gel documentation technology. Dr Paul N Goulding reports.

Modular flow reactor systems

Uniqsis has announced a new portfolio of modular flow systems, based around its Binary Pump Module (BPM) and FlowSyn™ flow reactor technology to provide users with greater flexibility and broader synthesis capabilities.

Electronic Stirring Systems

The precision built Spectro-Stir system is designed to continuously mix liquid samples during scanning, promoting greater accuracy and reproducibility in the spectrophotometry of suspensions, and in kinetic reaction studies.

Fluorescence Illumination Systems

Prior Scientific has released the most advanced microscope illumination product available - the Lumen 200 series fluorescence illumination systems.

ProScan II Motorised Stage Systems

The ProScanII Motorised Stage System is designed to exceed the most stringent demands of customers' applications.

High accuracy AOI systems

Fully-automated 3D inspection and high accuracy measurement systems. These are full-colour systems capable of high accuracy measurements, defect detection and colour verification.






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