Turnkey solutions for syringes and vials

Turnkey expertise for filling and sealing processes for syringes, vials, and cartridges: turnkey solutions are the focus for Optima Pharma at Pharmintech event

Open bore and open ended syringes

Qosina has recently added a 10 ml Open Bore Syringe (#C1105) and two 20ml Open Ended Syringes (#C2500 and C2501) to their extensive line of syringes. These syringes are made of an ABS plunger, a silicone plunger tip and a shatter-resistant polycarbonate barrel, which ensures visual clarity

How bacteria make syringes

For a successful infection, bacteria must outwit the immune system of the host. To this aim, they deliver so-called virulence factors through a transport channel located in the bacterial membrane.

Choosing the right syringes

Prefilled syringes are a rapidly growing alternative to vials for many of today’s parenteral drug products due to the many advantages prefilled syringes offer.




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